Discover the best flats in Méribel Mottaret

Searching for the perfect apartment in Méribel Mottaret for your next ski getaway? Dive into our exceptional selection of top-rated, family-friendly, and luxurious options. Whether you crave ski-in/ski-out convenience, cozy family spaces, or the best views on a budget, we've got you covered. Discover your ideal alpine retreat and enjoy a memorable stay in the heart of the French Alps. Happy hunting!

Top-rated apartments in Méribel Mottaret

In Méribel Mottaret, finding the best-rated flats is made easy by the wealth of options and the quality of services available. In this guide, check out top-rated apartments in Meribel Mottaret for your stay. The top-rated flats are often distinguished by their privileged location, comfort, cleanliness and modern facilities.

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Mont Vallon Lodge

Mont Vallon Lodge stands out with its prime ski-in/ski-out access. Situated close to the centre, this lodge ensures convenience and comfort. Guests appreciate the free parking and the high-quality linens provided. Rated 9.5, it’s a top choice for those seeking a seamless skiing experience.

Chalet Olympie

Chalet Olympie features a balcony with stunning mountain views and direct ski-in/ski-out access. This apartment is highly rated at 9.3, offering a perfect blend of comfort and scenic beauty. Its mountain view is a significant draw for visitors.

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Newly renovated luxury Chalet

This chalet is newly renovated and offers an expansive 85m² space with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It accommodates 7-9 people, making it ideal for families or groups. The breathtaking mountain views and a high rating of 9.5 make it a sought-after option for a luxurious stay.

Best family-friendly rentals in Méribel Mottaret

For an unforgettable family holiday in Méribel Mottaret, choosing the best accommodation is essential. The ideal family rentals usually offer spacious, comfortable, family-friendly spaces with facilities such as fully-equipped kitchens, friendly living rooms and comfortable bedrooms.

Residence Pierre & Vacances Premium L'Hévana

Résidence Pierre & Vacances Premium L'Hévana is perfect for families, offering close proximity to ski lifts—just 600 meters from Rhodos 1 and 700 meters from Roc de Fer. It provides internet access and a range of family-friendly amenities. Guests can enjoy the comfort of home with the added convenience of hotel services.

Flat Méribel, 5 rooms, sleeps 10 - FR-1-613-44

Rated a perfect 10.0, this apartment is ideal for larger families. It comfortably accommodates up to 10 people, providing ample space and a cozy atmosphere. The spacious layout ensures everyone has room to relax after a day on the slopes.

Flat Méribel, 4 rooms, sleeps 8 - FR-1-613-22 

Also rated 10.0, this apartment is another excellent choice for families. With room for up to 8 people, it combines modern amenities with a warm, inviting environment. Its high rating reflects the satisfaction of guests who have enjoyed its family-friendly features.

Affordable and luxurious apartment options

Finding affordable, luxury flats in Méribel Mottaret may seem like a challenge, but it's not impossible. The resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets, giving everyone the chance to enjoy comfort and style.

Residence Pierre & Vacances Les Sentiers du Tueda

Résidence Pierre & Vacances Les Sentiers du Tueda offers an affordable stay without compromising on quality. Guests enjoy excellent views of the surrounding mountains and easy access to ski slopes. It's a budget-friendly option that still provides the charm and convenience of Méribel Mottaret.

Residence Pierre & Vacances Premium Les Crets

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Résidence Pierre & Vacances Premium Les Crets is a 4-star accommodation. It features spacious rooms and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and upscale stay. The premium services make it a top choice for discerning travellers.

Residence Le Pralin

Résidence Le Pralin combines modern amenities with a central location, making it a convenient choice for visitors. Its contemporary design and proximity to local attractions provide a perfect blend of style and accessibility. This apartment is ideal for those looking to be in the heart of the action while enjoying a comfortable stay.

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