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IGF1 DES is one of the most commonly used research peptides in various laboratory experiments. This tetra-substituted peptide comes with a length of 29 amino acids and majorly functions as an effective GHRH- growth hormone-releasing hormone. ConjuChem, a Biotechnology Company, based in Canada is reputed for having invented this peptide. Over the years, its popularity has grown significantly and you will nowadays find it being used in numerous research and this has contributed greatly in making it well known in the world of research.

It comes with a sequence that is similar to insulin. The liver secrets this peptide when it becomes stimulated by the growth hormone. According to a wide range of research findings, this peptide plays a very crucial role when it comes to enhancing healthy and normal bodily processes and also preventing diseases such as cancers. Since it plays a very crucial role in the proliferation of cells and also inhibition of apoptosis, the hormone is very important for the normal growth of the cells and this is something that many researchers across the world will definitely conquer with.

This peptide has been found to come with some top notch advantages when compared with the traditional peptides like GHRH. For instance, it is known for its ability of bio-conjugating with the serum albumin and this in turn increases its half-life considerably as well as its therapeutic window. Basically, the peptide usually accomplishes this by use of protecting groups that are found around amino acids of the GHRH and it is essentially susceptible to the enzymatic degradation.

Something else worth noting is that the peptide has also been used in various studies particularly in AIDS patients who are obese. Researchers found out that the peptide could in the future be used as a very effective treatment for visceral fat deposits and this is something that researchers have concluded.
The trial involving the IGF1 DES and other peptides was ultimately very successful in most of the research subjects. On the other hand, researchers have been experimenting with IGF-1 as an ideal candidate for use like neurotrophic agent that is referred to as gene therapy. This one essentially affects the growth of new nerves for people who have been through severe trauma and have experienced symptoms like nerve damage.

This peptide has been studied extensively across the globe and there has been research consensus when it comes to their effectiveness in promoting various functions of the body. Numerous animal studies have further stressed on the effectiveness of the peptides in benefiting the body in so many ways.
It is now very possible to order peptides online for use in research work. There are numerous websites that have emerged today which deal with synthesis of these proteins and you can definitely benefit from these sites in so many ways. By following some few convenient steps, it is possible to process your request for the research peptide you want easily and conveniently at the comfort of your own home. Regardless of the research chemical that you want, you can always be sure that you will be able to find it online right away.

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